Comparatif des synchronisateurs de carburateurs

Carburetor synchronizers Test

Some time ago, the excellent magazine "Moto légende" published a comparison of different carburetor balancers.

The magazine's professionals tested 6 different devices in real-life situations.

What they say about Twinmax

With the Twinmax, we move on to electronics. The tiny, rather cheap case is powered by a battery (not supplied, but now it is!). The clear instructions make it easy to get to grips with. In 30 seconds, the unit is ready to go...

Once connected to 2 carburetors, pressing the central button switches on the Twinmax. Surprisingly, the meter is illuminated, which is very practical in a workshop that's not always brightly lit. Next, turn the sensitivity knob to "Maxi", bring the needle to the center of the dial using the "Zero" button, and set the sensitivity to "Mini". Then start the motor. If the needle is not sufficiently deflected, press the "Zero" button. By acting on the synchro screws, the aim is to bring the needle to the center of the dial.

It's quicker to do than to write, as the device is so easy to use. And, what's more, it gives precise settings that are confirmed by a Souriau check (editor's note: professional device costing several hundred euros).

Résultat du classement des 6 appareils

The Twinmax is ranked 1st across the board, offering the best value for money. 

Moto Légende I Comparaison 6 synchronisateurs de carburateurs


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