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TwinMax I Connectors 850mm

TwinMax I Connectors 850mm

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These hoses connect on one side to the TwinMax and on the other side to carburetors or throttle bodies with standard 6mm diameter vacuum ports.

  • Material: NBR, hardness 70ShA
  • Inner diameter: 6mm
  • Outside diameter: 9mm
  • Length: 850mm
  • The price includes the delivery of 2 adapters


• Why synchronise carburetors?

The carburetor is a complex element whose role is to produce a mixture of air and petrol and to feed it to the engine. The complexity of the fuel system increases when the engine is fed by several carburetors, and it is essential that they are synchronised so that all cylinders are fed evenly.

• What are the effects of poorly synchronised carburetors?

Incorrectly balanced carburetors reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption and generate abnormal stresses in the crankshaft and its bearings that can reduce reliability.

• What can I expect with good synchronisation?

A well-balanced carburetor means that the engine feels perfectly "round" at all engine speeds and delivers power much more consistently.

• How does the TwinMax work?

The TwinMax is a clever and simple device. It compares the difference in (un)pressure between two intake pipes and displays the deviation on its dial. Its sensitivity is adjustable, which makes it possible to balance the (un)pressure at all engine speeds.

• How to adjust the carburetion or the injection?

Generally speaking, the adjustment procedure depends on the engine model, the type of carburetor, the type of injection or the engine electronics. You can refer to your service manual, the many instructions you can find on the web or our tutorials written with TwinMax users.

• Where are the synchronisation sockets located?

Depending on the manufacturer, the connections are located in different places: on the cylinder head, on the carburetors, on the intake pipes. The connection sockets can be: small pipes welded to the intake pipes and closed with a rubber cap that can be removed, small closing screws that can be unscrewed in order to screw in the M5 or M6 adapters.

Some models do not have a connection for a depressiometer, so the inlet pipes can be drilled to M5 or M6 diameter, tapped and the adapters screwed in. After the synchronisation operation, the holes can be closed with an M5 or M6 screw.

• Do I need additional tools?

No, the TwinMax is delivered with all the accessories that allow you to balance almost any engine. The case contains the 2 x 85cm hoses that allow the unit to be connected to the carburetors as well as 2 x M5 and 2 x M6 adaptors that allow almost all carburetors on the market to be balanced and finally the 9V battery that powers the TwinMax.

• Does an injection engine need to be synchronised?

The electronic control units generally take care of the engine and injection control. However, in the vast majority of cases, the timing of the throttle lift must be done as on a carburetor rail. The vacuum taps are usually placed on the intake pipes. The adjustment procedure can be a little more complex, it is best to consult the vehicle's technical review.

• How to balance a set of more than 2 carburetors?

A carburetor manifold usually consists of a reference carburetor. By default, the carburetor with the lowest vacuum should be identified and used as a reference. Each carburetor must then be balanced with the reference carburetor.

• Is the TwinMax more efficient than a gauge or needle device?

Yes, the choice of electronics means that the TwinMax uses no liquids and no moving parts that could throw off the measurements. In addition, it is equipped with a sensitivity adjustment knob and a luminous dial that allows pressure deviations to be read clearly. In use for more than 20 years and selling more than 40,000 units worldwide, it has always been ranked number one compared to needle pressure gauges, mercury columns and pneumatic pressure gauges. Read the comparison in Moto légende magazine to get an idea of the TwinMax's efficiency

• Is the TwinMax easy to use?

The TwinMax is the easiest carburetor synchroniser to use. It weighs only 200g and fits in the hand. It requires no complicated set-up and no special tools. Just switch it on and it is ready to use.



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